Custom Printed CD-R and DVD-R

CD/DVD/BD On-Disc Printing.

We specialize in the art of enhancing your image. ISODISC is Chromatix Certified.

It’s your brand and your corporate identity. So let’s put it to work!


ISODISC excels in printing on discs. Everyone knows there's just one method professionals use to label CD/DVD/BD media: silkscreen printing. Unlike most competitors who outsource silkscreen printing, we do it all in-house... just like we have since 1995. ISODISC has silkscreened discs longer than anyone. And we silkscreen optical discs very well.


Whether it's simple line art & PMS spot colors or a 4 color process continuous-tone photographic image our on-press expertise is unmatched when it comes to silkscreen printed discs. When reviewed critically, the color fidelity and fine detail of our silkscreen printed CD/DVD/BDs equals that of offset print — except our print doesn't look "flat" like offset!


Why? It's because the vibrant color energy of silkscreen printing visually "pops" off a disc. It’s the distinctive nature of silkscreen inks, and the reason silkscreening accounts for most all printed discs. Few things are as alluring as screen printed media. With dazzling brilliance they scintillate like fiery jewels, capture attention, delight the eye and project a compelling company image. But, you don't need us to tell you that... even the "casual" eye knows their charm.


You can trust experience: we print millions of discs each year. Fact is... custom silkscreen printed CD-R, DVD-R and BD-R with your corporate logo cost no more than standard OEM discs with a manufacturer's logo... and certainly cost less than paper labels or inkjet printing. You have worked diligently building your brand identity, perfecting the data encrypted on disc, and formulating a marketing strategy to position yourself ahead of the competition. Why risk diminishing it?


Communicate with a note of confident distinction! ISODISC's silkscreen printed CD-R, DVD-R and BD-Rs will help build your brand’s identity and engender stronger positive perceptions. Whether you distribute discs in any of the world's marketplaces or within your own company, your prestige and data are secure and controlled with silkscreened discs.


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Popular Packaging Options

Chromatix CertifiedISODISC is Chromatix Certified.


Transforming the art of printing into the science of accurate color reproduction.


ISODISC customers can expect excellence in color matching and consistency. On-Disc Silk-Screen printing that matches your other printed collateral is a reality that happens everyday at ISODISC.


Pantone colors that matchthe first time and every time.

Printed Disc and Pantone Color Book Match

We also excel in offering all of the most practical alternatives for today's varied CD/DVD/BD publishers. Here's a look at what satisfies the broadest range of requests:


1-7 color silkscreen printing at 120 lpi.


Everest color printing at 170 lpi.


Monochrome thermal printing at 600 dpi.


Silkscreen printed media with Rimage Perfect Print index mark.


PerfectPrint thermal on pre-silkscreened indexed media.

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