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Artwork Questions?

Call: 800-622-3873 ext 103


Artwork Questions?

Call: 800-622-3873 ext 103

Artwork Questions?

Call: 800-622-3873 ext 103

Disc Art Tip and Tricks

Disc Artwork for Silk-Screen printed discs is almost always best designed with vector based programs. ie. illustrator, ID.

Small text will print cleaner and sharper when it is vector based rather than pixel based.

If your project was designed in Photoshop, it is possible to use vectors from it.

First; the type must be on a layer that is editable in PS.

Secondly; it cannot be Faux Emboldened or Italicized.

To retain vectors. save as an EPS file and check the button that says include vector data.

If you have illustrator you can open the EPS there and check that vectors were retained.

Submitting Master Content and Disc Images


A disc image is a single file containing the complete contents and structure of an optical disc, or USB flash drive.

We support many popular disc image file formats, including, but not limited to: .toast, .dmg, .img, .iso, .bin/.cue, .cdr, .sd2, and other third-party formats.


A disc image is usually created by creating a complete sector-by-sector copy of the source medium and thereby perfectly replicating the structure and contents of the storage device.


Some disc imaging utilities omit unused file space from source media, or compress the disc they represent to reduce storage requirements.

These are typically referred to as archive files, as they are not literally disc images.

Master content can be submitted by sending us a .zip file containing all the files for your project. Master content submitted in this manner may require a Check Disc for your written approval prior to duplication.

Artwork for Silkscreen Printed Discs


Place the disc template on a separate layer than the artwork.


We do not recommend using small text created in Photoshop.

(Vector art is best (eps, ai, pdf)  fonts in outlines when possible)


Photoshop text must be  600 dpi with NO Anti Aliasing.


300 dpi Resolution is required for all photographic images.


Spot Colors are preferred over Process color when design permits,


Artwork for Paper/Cardboard Packaging


PDF/X-1a:2001, is an ISO standard for graphic content exchange.

Use this setting to create Adobe PDF documents that are print ready.


Send us one PDF with the art in the appropriate template for layout and a second PDF with no template at all for printing.


We can also accept working files created in any of the Adobe Creative Suite applications as well as Quark Xpress. Please be sure to collect all fonts and graphics and compress into one .zip file before sending.

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