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You've heard the stories. It happens every day to someone a lot like you — they surfed the web, found the best thing since sliced bread, and bought a duplicator (at a nebulous on-line storefront from an order-taker who knew nothing) for a killer price. A few weeks later, after much distress, they realize their mistake... the thing is totally unreliable.


So they try calling the salesman (who's no longer employed there) and are off-handedly informed their unit isn't built for their intended use. It's only then they realize... killer price and all — they're stuck with their schizophrenic friend.


It really didn't have to be that way. The reason you will buy a duplication system from ISODISC is you want more than spec sheet recitations that you can read yourself! You want sage counsel: advisement which can only result from over 18 years of factory certifications and training, the benefit of seasoned insight from a partner who knows duplicators from hands-on use — solid pre-purchasing guidance from a representative who will be there next time you call.


We sell happy endings. When you buy gear from ISODISC you’ll have a better purchasing and ownership experience because a Value Added Reseller is in your corner. We’ll advise/educate you one-on-one before you make a purchase: how reliably will a system perform, how do pick-and-place mechanisms work, do manufacturers really stand by their products, what is true ownership cost, what type of deployment will afford you the most flexible performance.


There is nothing like the human touch. Any system you buy from ISODISC will cost you less over the long-run should something go awry or you need the genuine know-how of a bona fide production services professional... and that’s a benefit on-line order-takers simply can’t provide given the web’s pervasive and entrenched shopping cart mindset.


The Ultimate Backup Guarantee. Anyone who’s ever been between the proverbial ‘rock and a hard place’ appreciates the value of ISODISC’s Ultimate Backup Guarantee. Here’s how it works: when buying a disc duplicator from ISODISC you get the backup of our production facility. If it ever breaks-down, leaving you in a bind, just send us your discs, and for only a staging fee we’ll duplicate and ship your discs back to you.


Security: ISODISC’s Ultimate Backup Guarantee!

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Vinpower Archival Media Kit
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We are VARs for Acronova, Vinpower Digital, Microboards, ILY, Rimage.

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We are VARs for Acronova, Vinpower Digital, Microboards, ILY, Rimage.


ILY Spartan All-in-One Backup Center Multimedia Duplicator

All-in-One Backup Center

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