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One-stop Authoring and Conversion Services.

We transform corporate video content into interactive magic.


More than ever, businesses are seeking strong marketing presence. One of the most expedient methods of achieving better perception and greater influence is through the use of video, specifically video on disc. The desired outcome is most often accomplished by repurposing legacy assets, those assets you already own, that are usually on VHS tape.


ISODISC offers complete tape to disc media conversion and authoring. Our services include output to DVD; either as a straight linear play (like a VHS) or authored discs with menu navigation to facilitate user interaction with the content. Disc navigation options range from basic timed or chapter-point links and buttons to any combination of still or motion menu buttons that may be backed by royalty-free audio tracks which are available from ISODISC’s resource libraries.


In many instances the impact of your marketing/education disc can be dramatically increased by combining the video content with other assets such as documentation, photographs, technical drawings, art and the spoken word, such as voice-over narrative. Because video is often in QuickTime or WMV formats projects can be authored to Compact Disc with rich menuing features for playback on computers, which are most often used in business distribution settings.


Regardless how you opt to author your media you will benefit from the unmatched mastery afforded by a partner with more than a decade of expertise in digital media services. ISODISC utilizes only Best-in-Class tools and technique to expertly transform your video into an interactive, portable, electronic format for DVD or Compact Disc presentation.


And to complete your project for any method of delivery ISODISC offers a thought provoking catalog of innovative packaging designs. It includes more than 450 custom designed professional media holders from which to choose the special one that will give your presentation punch. Best of all, there’s never a Die Charge for any of our 450+ designs!


Save money. Save time. One call. One source. Professional results.

Content Authoring Help

So you've got content for a Disc or Flash Drive that you would like to distribute to your end users, but you don't have the capability or know how to create a master for duplication. We can help! Just give us a call and we can author your project just the way you want.


Authoring Formats:

    DVD Video

    DVD Video with Data


    Music DVD

    CD Audio

    CD Audio Enhanced

    ISO 9660

    Mac Volume

    Custom Hybrid Mac & Win

    Open Book Disc

    Truscont Secure DVD

    Truscont Secure USB


Tips for burning a good
Master Disc for duplication.

  •Use NEW good quality media.

  •Burn directly from a local
    hard dive.

  •Finalize the disc

  •Use buffer under run

  •Close all unused applications.

  •Never apply a paper label on
    a Master Disc.

  •Never use Re-writable Media.

  •Never use Packet Writing
   method to burn a Master.

If using a notebook computer.

  •Plug the notebook PC directly

    into an AC outlet

  •Keep the notebook steady
   and level while burning.

Finally, Test, Test, Test your master before submitting.

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