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Premium Grade CD/DVD/BD Media.Everset, AquaJet, Airy, Taiyo Yuden

Great Price, Superb Performance. Highest Yield!

Engineered for hi-speed duplication and print environments.


Airy™ Premium Grade media. ISODISC certified CD / DVD / BD media is moulded of virgin, optically white polycarbonate, metallized with 99.999% Pure Silver (not aluminum) and spin-lacquered to a brilliant mirror finish. It’s best described as pristine.


Whether you need blank custom multi-color silkscreened CD/DVD or Blu-ray discs or premium grade CD/DVD/BD for inkjet or thermal print you're in the right place. As a leading high volume production facility, ISODISC distributes only media that conforms to stringent ECMA/ISO standards. ISODISC media is fully Philips licensed — all royalties paid.


Everset™ Printable media. In 2002 ISODISC released Everset™, our own multi-step printable surface for Rimage and TEAC high resolution re-transfer printers. Everset™ delivers superb print receptability, virtually no color cast, produces a crisp image and is equal to or better than other Everest printable media. It's so good, clients specify it as first choice!


Ultra Archive™ Grade media. The quality standard is Ultra Archive™. It’s designed and engineered for mission-critical applications such as healthcare modalities, photo archive, forensic imaging, law enforcement, evidentiary documents, emergency management, legal and compliance records, scientific research, DICOM/MEDICOM, etc.


Strictly compliant to federal/international standards Ultra Archive™ features a tough scratch resistant finish, gold alloy metallizing, super-monolith phthalocyanine dye layer, an optimized power envelope, forward/backward compatibility and ultra low BLER. Its discrete manufacturing process yields unmatched data life — lab tested to exceed 200 years!


Most institutional buyers spec their media to be custom silkscreened for their exclusive use and secure identification. Ultra Archive™ may be ordered with 1-6 color printing. It’s conveniently packaged with or without disc cases for ease of use and safe handling. Don’t be fooled: there is no better long-life media than Ultra Archive™ at any price.


Call ISODISC 402.453.1699 for specs, information or an evaluation sample.

Recordable/Printable Media

Airy Premium
CD-R and DVD-R

Medical Grade CD-R

For medical and patient records, the ultimate vehicle for secure, portable, tangible record keeping is the CD-R and DVD-R.

Vinpower Archival Media Kit M-Disc The New Standard in Digital Storage Millenniata Write Once, Read Forever.
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