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Secure Data Loading in the U.S.A.


What’s in a name?

Flash Drive, Pen Drive or Thumb Drive... they're one and the same. Unlike optical discs USB Flash Drives are solid-state, with no moving parts, requiring very little power. Like semi-conductors, Flash prices fluctuate, sometimes wildly, driven by demand for memory chips in hand-held games, cell phones, cameras, medical instruments, etc.


What is a Tier?

As one may suppose, USB Flash Drive quality is graded. Tier 1 being best, trailed by Tiers 2 and 3. Tier 1 is produced using premium branded components from manufacturers such as Hynix, Samsung or Intel, whereas Tiers 2 and 3 are made from recycled chips and sub-grade components which results in trouble-prone operation.


Why Does Quality Matter?

Tier 1 Flash is fast, yielding up to 98% of their advertised capacity and retains data for 10 years which is critical for most buyers. In contrast, Tiers 2 and 3 are slower, yield 90% of advertised capacity and exhibit problems in write/read performance and limited data retention reliability.


What is ISODISC’s role?

ISODISC sells Lifetime Guaranteed Tier 1 media exclusively. We do not buy from novelty suppliers or from spot market liquidators of marginal grade media. Further, to safeguard your Intellectual Property we provide secure domestic data loading at our midwest USA facility — your invaluable data never goes off-shore.


Mugs, Post-it Notes and Frisbees?

ISODISC doesn’t sell promotional products or novelties. We are a nationally prominent, 20 year old, electronic media services company... its all we do. We know your data is paramount to your success, and understand our clients need to safeguard their assets, retain customers, and protect the integrity of their brand name.


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Options for USB Drives

USB Branding Options

    Full Color Process Print

    PMS Spot Color Print

    Acrylic Domed Print

    Laser Etching


Content Branding

    Read Only Partition

    Memory Unlock

    Custom Data Loading

Other USB Drive Options

    USB 3.0 Drives

    Hardware Encryption

    Copy Protection


Protect Your Intellectual Property With Access Key® Copy Protection.

Access Key USB Copy Protection

Distribute your digital content securely to your target audience with Access Key USB flash drives. Your users can view the content directly from the USB drive or copy the files to their computer, but the files will not work without the Access Key®

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